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How to Ensure HIPAA- Complaint Environment in Medical Facilities?

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HIPAA-compliant medical billing is not just the trend that every medical practice in the U.S has to follow. It is more about putting security measures in place to avoid exposure to malicious data thefts.   Every year, we lose a great deal of money due to inconsistencies in the data transmission …

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Telemedicine & Its Impact on QPP MIPS Quality Reporting

MIPS Qualified Registries, MIPS reporting, MIPS quality measures

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has left every industry struggling. Having said that, many factors and practices are getting popular all along.  The use of telemedicine is one of them. With the lockdown, telemedicine provided a way to interact with doctors when patients needed them, all in the safety …

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MIPS 2020 Reporting Checkpoints

MIPS 2020, MIPS quality measures, MIPS Qualified registry, MIPS reporting process, MIPS Performance, CMS

MIPS 2020 performance year is about to end in about four months. We have a very limited time to implement data-driven strategies and make the most out of MIPS.   However, the performance period spans over the whole year, thus this checklist will help you remember the deadlines and prioritize the …

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