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Here’s What CDC Recommend Doing When you’re Sick!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued some guidelines for people who feel sick. It is not necessary that sickness is the sign of the COVID-19 positive case. However, taking precautionary measures is important anyhow.

Here are some tips to ensure your and others’ safety.

Stay Indoors Unless to Seek Medical Help

CDC says that even COVID-19 positive cases (if not severe) can recover with proper rest and precaution at home.

  • Stay indoors and isolate yourself from others. Stay hydrated and take proper rest.
  • Avoid using sharable things such as crockery.
  • Avoid using public transport.
  • In case of difficulty in breathing, seek medical help as soon as possible and isolate yourself.

Separate Yourself from Others If You See any Symptoms

  • Self-isolate yourself if you see any COVID-19 symptoms in you.
  • Separate your room from others and even pets.
  • Specify a bathroom for you alone, if possible.
  • If you have to share an environment with others, wear a fabric mask.

Keep a Check on Your Symptoms

Everybody knows the symptoms of COVID-19. Its fever, coughs, pain or pressure in the chest, and difficulty in breathing.

If you observe any symptoms and are suspicious of coronavirus infection, apart from separating your living, gauge your symptoms regularly to check if you’re getting better or worse. 

Take precautionary measures, get in touch with your doctor, and follow their prescribed care plan.

Take Appointment from Doctor Beforehand the Visit

Hospitals and medical practices are working with double capacity. It is possible that your visit is postponed or you get help via telehealth services. Therefore, it is important to take an appointment before the visit.

Tell your doctor about the symptoms you have so that they can protect themselves and other patients.

Cover Your Nose & Mouth with a Fabric Mask

When around other people, infectees must cover their nose and mouth with fabric even at home.

You don’t have to wear masks 24/7 but take them off when alone. If you suffer from difficulty in breathing, ensure to cover your coughs and sneezes in another appropriate manner like bending your elbow.

  • Try to be at least 6 feet away from people.
  • Removing masks should only be done by the infectee and no other person.
  • Masks are not appropriate for infants to 2 years old kids.

Protect Others from Sneezes and Coughs

  • Use a tissue while coughing or sneezing, and properly dispose of them.
  • Wash your hands immediately with soap and water or use an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Avoid Sharing Personal Stuff when Sick

Separate your glass, dish, towel, bedding, and other household items, and wash them thoroughly.

Clean High-Touched Surfaces Regularly

Disinfect high-touched surfaces with disposable gloves.  If the person is sick, he should clean his room by himself, if possible.

These are some general instructions that every sick person should follow nowadays. We should know that only with social distancing and precautionary measures, one can stay safe from the deadly coronavirus.


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