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Medical Billing Services Bring 4 Ways to Perfect the Coding Process

Medical billing services base themselves on an impeccable coding stage; it has a significant share in ensuring the quality of medical claims. Accurate claims are the key to faster reimbursements. Once they are error-free, you can expect them to pass through payers seamlessly.

Many people think that medical coding is a minor part of the revenue cycle management, but without it, the process is meaningless. That is why medical billing services hire trained and experienced coders in the first place.

Their quality of work reflects on the quality of claims, and as a professional medical billing company, you ought to maintain a high standard of quality.

Human Errors Remain the Biggest Challenge

Even today, we see the most common vulnerabilities in the coding section. In this era, when a quality healthcare system is our focus based on patient satisfaction that encourages the simplicity of operations, we cannot ignore the accuracy of medical coding.

Without a doubt, medical billing and coding outsourcing companies have to deal with many challenges on a day to day basis. However, the issues can be reduced by leveraging technology, performing coding audits, and robust training system for students.

Implement Technology to Minimize Manual Errors

When it was all done manually on papers, the struggle of finding errors and rectifying them was a struggle. With the digital age, this process has become much easier; all thanks to electronic healthcare records (EHRs).

EHRs have made the documentation of codes much easier, and with other technological innovations, the accuracy of medical claims via medical billing services improved significantly.

For instance, Computer-assisted coding (CAC) solutions easily identify the clinical codes for documentation. These solutions speed up the process of creating claims while being efficient and accurate. A study shows that medical billing companies using the CAC solutions plan to permanently use them for the value they provide to the medical billing and coding process.

Still, EHRs are a popular choice among clinicians. Moreover, clinicians also seek more innovation for database systems. All in all, technology incorporation seems like a smart option when it comes to improving the accuracy of medical records and claims.

Quality Audits Rectify Errors in the Coding & Billing Process

Technology advancements have their worth for efficiency but billing and coding audit by expert coding auditors streamline the process.

According to a study by Change Healthcare, the insurance companies denied up to $262 billion in claims in 2016. And, inadequate coding information was responsible for up to $28 billion worth of the denied claims. 

This situation is preventable. All you need to do is conduct regular coding audits that pinpoint the faulty areas to timely rectify them. You can greatly reduce clinical deficiencies by indulging in the practice of performing audits.

Internal Audit is Vital to Medical Billing Outsourcing

One thing is common in the internal structure of successful medical billing outsourcing companies. It is an internal audit that highlights poor coding practices and captures revenue leakage areas.

When you know the functionality of an ideal system and the condition of your existing system, we should bridge the gap.  It eventually improves the rate of claim acceptance by payers.

Thus, it is important to know the difference between ideal and existing systems; otherwise, you can never know what is wrong with your system. 

Medical Billing Services Should Regularly Conduct Analysis

Another factor that ensures the success of your medical billing and coding is to conduct analysis on regular basis. A once in a blue moon audit process never tells about your performance. You will fall blindly to the notion that our system is working fine, and apparently, there are no issues. Therefore, we do not need to improve it.

This perception will destabilize your position in the billing world and you will start losing money more frequently than ever.

Trained Medical Coding Staff Saves the Day!

The coding audit by the medical billing services will highlight errors in the system, but how will you rectify them if you do not have a trained team in place.

A robust training system for medical coders is therefore important to streamline the process of medical codes.

When auditors see any mistake with the system, they instantly have to report it to the relevant authorities. It is then their responsibility to upgrade systems and to assist coders with the latest information.   The continuous communication between parties led to adopt strategies or workflow that is in the best interests of the revenue cycle management.


A well put together training system that allows open communication returns in improved quality of coding practices. The improvement process only grows with meaningful and rational communication between stakeholders.

In this way, they are engaged in the process and clean claims become a regularity. The performance of medical claims owes to many factors but improving the quality of coding practice significantly adds value to the revenue cycle.

Why do you think it is crucial to have a seamless revenue cycle?

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