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How to Keep Safe and Have Fun Too This Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Day has come at a time when health authorities do not want us to gather in groups. Traditionally, we use to get together, have a good time, and play games to our capacity without taking any precautions whatsoever. 

But, not anymore… Thanks to COVID-19!

Thinking about the days back then, they use to be carefree and flavorful to our content. On the contrary, today, to gather with friends and family seems more like a dream. However, it is a new reality, and whether we like it or not, we have to accept it.

Not to fret, in this piece, we’ll know some tips to spend Thanksgiving safely, keeping the fun element alive at all times. The healthcare providers do stress on staying inside, but honestly speaking, it is just too much to bear. Unless we go see some unfamiliar faces and walk away from the usual routine, we cannot really have fun.

Let us dive into those tips then…

Enjoy Turkey with a Mask on

The safest way to be outside and have fun is to wear a mask. It is that simple.

Having the traditional turkey or a barbeque somewhere outside in the open is just my idea of having fun.

You might have something else in mind. Regardless, the masks will protect us from infected saliva spatters now and then. It is not easy for the virus to get in with this kind of protection.

Even if you come in contact with an asymptomatic person (a person who is corona-positive with the signs), with a mask on, it is hard for you to catch the virus.

Some tips to wear the mask properly:

  • Your mask should have two or more layers to shield you against particles
  • Cover your mouth and nose while securing it around the chin
  • Make sure it is a snug fit as loose ends might put you in jeopardy

Six Feet Away but Still Closer Than Ever

While the celebration demands us to be closer than ever, practically, we should refrain from hugging outsiders. It also calls for out-of-the-box coping ideas.

Hmm… Here goes nothing!

We may act like we are hugging the other person from a distance. That’s a start. I know not a very intelligent one, but it’s a start.

A way to do that is to fold your arms together like you are hugging someone, only in the end, it will be you standing with folded arms. There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying such methods to get through our holidays.

Such gestures could be beneficial. Nonetheless, with the mask on, we will probably be hugging like crazy!  

But, behold, precautions are mostly for people who do not show the symptoms but still are infected. They could be the carriers and spread it onto others. Therefore, it is sensible to stay 6 feet away from anyone you do not know. Not to shake hands and only greeting them from a distance makes all the more sense.

Note: 6 feet is almost a 2-arm length distance.

Wash Hands with a Variety of Soaps 

Who knew washing hands would become my second favorite hobby? First is, obviously, taking long walks out in nature.

A 20-second handwash was an epiphany for someone like me who never spent that much time washing hands before. When I first started with this routine, it felt like too much work. However, once I got used to it, it became easier. Then, unless I saw the foam brush of my palms and half the sink filled up with it, I would not stop. I know it seems obsessive!

Anyhow, my point here is to introduce soaps with different fragrances in your bathroom. It could also be different kinds of hand washes, whatever suits you more.

A hand sanitizer comes in next, the closed ally to a soap. It comes in handy when you are outside, so keep one in your pocket at all times. It, surely, protects one from germs in general. The formal directive for a hand sanitizer is to buy one with 60% alcohol.

Gather but Bring Your Blessings with You

By now, we are familiar with the usual tools of prevention – masks and maintaining distance. However, we still have to lay out a plan for people coming in to attend a gathering. Let us go through them quickly below:

  • It is best to bring your eatables, drinks, plates, cups, and utensils
  • While you eat or drink, safely store the mask in your pocket or bag
  • Avoid frequent visits to the kitchen
  • Use disposable food containers, plates, and utensils

For the Thanksgiving Hosts

It is best to limit the number of guests at the gathering. It sounds offensive to ask someone not to come, but your hands are tied. The news is that a completely functional COVID-19 vaccine will soon be out. Hence, our waiting time is almost over. A little more patience is not going to hurt, because I am convinced, it will make a whole world of difference.

For the hosts who are eager to host the Thanksgiving gathering, the following come highly recommended:

  • Have a smaller meal instead of a larger meal with family and friends from your community
  • Talk to guests ahead of time to set expectations for the celebration
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched places and items
  • Make sure the windows are open if you are holding the gathering inside
  • Limit the number of people going in and out of the kitchen
  • Have one person serve the food and ensure the use of disposable plates and containers


Thanksgiving celebrations are the bearer of happiness and joy; however, this year, it is more about safety. The whole situation is unbelievable, but together we will come out of it. The key here is to stick together and strictly follow precautionary guidelines.  The vaccine will soon be out, and before we know it, the situation will turn in our favor as if COVID-19 never happened. 

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