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How to Improve Collection Rate in the Medical Billing Process?

Every medical practice cares for its patients, but in the end, they need revenue to survive in the industry. Medical billing services, despite the tedious work, are important for any medical facility. A billing staff that is knowledgeable to create clean claims with appropriate and HIPAA-compliant billing practices ensures financial stability for physicians.

Many of us may think that medical billing only comprises of documenting diagnostic and surgical procedures and assigning them the correct rates. The process doesn’t end here. Keeping up with the denied claims, following up with the patients and insurance companies, maintaining monthly reports, and securing data with smart strategies are also part of the job.

The ideal case is when the staff at medical billing companies doesn’t have to ponder upon much. The process goes smoothly, and collections are made easily.

However, the real world is not ideal. We come across many complications for which we have to invest much time and money.

Many physicians rely on an in-house team of medical billers and coders, but they often don’t meet the billing standards, and it reflects on their revenue. That’s why modern-day physicians prefer outsourcing medical billing services.

Why Should You Hire an Outsourcing Medical Billing Company?

When there is a resourceful team to cater to the claims as per the standards, clinicians can have their time and mind free to perform their actual duties.

An expert team is more capable to improve the collection rate for medical practices.

There are lesser chances of denied and rejected claims because of the trained team of professionals.

Monthly reports and annual progress are trackable through a tech-savvy team and advanced practice management system.

Apart from the obvious benefits, medical billing services give access to a variety of opportunities that the in-house team can’t manage on their own. However, you should discuss the following topics with the outsourcing medical billing service providers.

Billing Services

Many billing companies provide review claims for errors and follow up on medical claims. While others also offer the responsibility of handling accounts ledgers and help for straightening up the performance.

Ask your medical billing company about their billing practices, their recommend services, their expertise, and their experience in the industry.

Transparent Communication

Billing is majorly about finances, and transparency of operations and communication cannot be subsided. Some companies have teams to manage such sensitive data, while others have a practice management system that digitally keeps checks on accounts.

Thus, a clear interactive relationship is evident for both parties. In case, something goes wrong, they can communicate and resolve the issue within minutes. With outsourcing medical billing services, a medical practice can enjoy many benefits only if they are clear about the following operations.

  • Will the medical practice receive the EOB (Explanation of Benefits) statement?
  • Can medical practice access the financial ledgers anytime?

If you’re not satisfied with any answer, discuss it with your billing service, and they will guide you properly.


The cost factor depends on the size and services of the medical practice. Generally, medical billing services charge a certain percentage of your profit. While hiring any company, you should ask the following questions.

  • What billing services are included in the monthly package?
  • Who will collect the copayments from patients?
  • Is there are any additional expenses, such as for clearinghouses?

Patient Satisfaction

Professional medical billing services have the system to stay in touch with patients to satisfy their queries or to remind them of their due expenses. Some of the companies have a patient portal that makes their work easy.

Of course, you cannot build a lavish Medical billing and coding infrastructure on your own without a hefty investment. But, medical billing services can help you with not only the high collection rate but also the optimization of performance, keeping your requirements in mind.

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