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How to Select the Right Quality Measures in MIPS 2020?

MIPS 2020 performance year is about to end, and MIPS eligible physicians do not have much time left to start with its data submission.

The most important factor that gives margin to success in this incentive payment program is by choosing the right aka specialty-specific measures. Not to worry here because P3Care got you covered in this area.

We have a team of experts that will cater to your administrative load for successful MIPS 2020 data submission.

However, if you still have not started, you got time. Here in this article, we will be giving a brief description of choosing the right quality measures.

An Overview of MIPS Quality Reporting Requirements

Up until now, you must have known that you have to submit data for four performance categories.

  • Quality
  • Promoting Interoperability (PI)
  • Improvement Activities (IA)
  • Cost

While each measure against these categories is reported for at least 70% of the eligible cases, you must ensure a minimum of 90 days data period for Promoting Interoperability and Improvement Activities.

How to Choose the Right MIPS Quality Measures?

The process of choosing the right MIPS Quality Measures is overwhelming, no doubt. However, P3Care reduces your burden in this regard.

With us, being the MIPS 2020 Quality Registry, you have the option to choose from a variety of measures. Not just your data will be submitted timely to CMS, but you can secure a guaranteed penalty-less spot.

Here are some techniques to ponder upon before finalizing the measures.

Specialty-Specific Measures Are the Way to Success

MIPS data submission is not just about reporting quality parameters to CMS, but it is a way to translate your specialty on record.

Therefore, choose MIPS Quality Measures wisely that you wish to report. Take into consideration your clinical situation and your healthcare expertise. Moreover, seek help from the CMS resource library where each measure has its complete detail.

It will help you gather the right MIPS 2020 measures. Having said all this, the easiest way is MIPS 2020 quality data submission is to consult a MIPS Qualified Registry that will solve all your problems.

Choose Data Submission Method that Maximizes Your Score

There are more than one MIPS data submission methods, and CMS allows eligible physicians to report via multiple methods. This proves to improve the quality score and to maximize incentive payment.

However, with a MIPS Qualified Registry, the measure list is vast and there is a lot to choose from.

Decide Which Measures are Worth It to Report

While searching for the right measures, you will come across many measures that are topped out.

Topped Out Measures: This means their national medium performance rate is equal to or great than 95% and there are no chances of improvement in that particular sector.

The performance level also changes every year.  Some measures have ten points while others are capped out at seven points. Certainly, these measures cannot make you achieve high points in the end.  Therefore, it is important to research every point and choose measures smartly.

Consider Your Eligible Population for MIPS Quality Reporting

You need to submit a measure for at least 70% of the eligible cases to maximize its score. Keeping this in mind, you will have somewhat similar data for many patients.

A tip here is to look for MIPS 2020 measures that are specific demographics.

Moreover, while data compilation, ensure that you have a sufficient number of patients for the selected measure to avoid any inconvenience afterward.

MIPS Qualified Registries like us especially take care of this problem and make sure everything goes according to the specified reporting requirements.


QPP MIPS reporting, in general, is no joke and certainly not a child’s play. For MIPS 2020, the requirements are certainly flexible due to the corona pandemic. But, it cannot be taken lightly. It is the chance to compensate for the financial loss throughout the year.

 So, it is in the best of interest to look into measures deeply and make necessary adjustments to maximize your performance.

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