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Why Future of Healthcare Relies on Patient Portals?

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Patient portals are virtual outlets in which patients can view their medical status in the most current form. Before we talk about their benefits, it is crucial to define the term. The term ‘Patient Portal’ is a computer program (an interface) by which patients can access their health charts from …

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Moderna Doses Have Started to Arrive After Weather Fallout

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Vaccines are the buzzword in an implicit atmosphere of recovery and protection against COVID. In this regard, Nevada’s Governor, Steven Sisolak says that 46,000 doses of the effective Moderna vaccine have started coming through to the state. Tough weather conditions for this lifesaving drug are over. Sisolak was quick to …

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Questions that Video Editing Agency Must Ask from their Clients

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Video editing is no easy job. It requires efforts and techniques that effectively translate the brand’s mission into digital art. To be honest, video production is just one part of curating an eloquent video. Another major portion in making an impactful video comes under a video editing agency. Today, we …

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